Restaurant ‘56’ will tickle your tastebuds


AN ANGUS College training restaurant has re-opened its doors to the public with a brand new kitchen.

Restaurant ‘56’ based within the college reopened lunch service after the College’s summer break during which the main training kitchen received a £200,000 refit.

New hospitality recruits at Angus College are the first to make full use of the state-of-the-art kitchen facilities which were designed specifically to meet their needs.

The new kitchen features top-of-the-range facilities including an upgrade to the more efficient Induction cookers which will save a considerable amount of energy as well as speeding up cooking times.

Curriculum manager Neil Jack said: “We have a record intake of students this year across hospitality courses so we have designed this new facility to accommodate a larger number of students whilst ensuring that it is still a safe working environment.

“The refit has been made possible by funding from educational trusts including The Savoy Trust, Robertson Trust, Mathew Trust, Northwood Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation.”

The new recruits are more enthusiastic than ever to impress local diners with a combination of tasty dishes and top quality service.

The restaurant will once again offer a freshly made three course meal at a very reasonable price, all prepared and served by students within the relaxing environment of ‘56’.

From next week the restaurant will be serving lunch Tuesday through to Thursday from 12 to 1 p.m.

On the menu this week are such reasonably priced delights as Szechuan pepper and lemongrass chicken with a mango raiti, baked haddock with a smoked cheddar glaze and for dessert rhubarb brulee with shortbread, all for less than £8.

To book a table or to find out more information contact Rhoda Brechin on 01241 432612 or visit