Response from BT

The new telegraph pole which has been causing consternation in Albert Street.
The new telegraph pole which has been causing consternation in Albert Street.

An Arbroath couple contacted us this week after BT and OpenReach gave them a Christmas pantomime they really did not enjoy.

Jean and Earl Russell of Albert Street have lost their festive spirit after a fortnight of engineering issues and buck-passing disrupted their usually quiet street.

They explained: “On Friday, December 12, we were awakened by a big truck that had arrived in our street in front of our kitchen window loaded with telegraph poles.

“When I went out to joke with the workers that they can’t plant ‘trees’ in the street. I was informed that in fact they were going to do just that!

“Despite numerous ‘phone calls and emails to those concerned we were referred to read the instructions on the pole and to submit any complaints to the address on it.

“We, our upstairs neighbours and ourselves, have duly complied and now await their response.

“Communications to both ‘parties’ have been difficult and frustrating.

“We now have the ‘pantomime’ whereby on Saturday, December 13, an OpenReach engineer arrives, inspects the hole where the ‘Infinity Cable’ has to be connected and discovers the system has not been installed properly for him to complete the work.

“He then leaves the scene with the open hole protected by bollards until over the weekend.

“On December 15 another truck arrived to fill in the hole. I informed them the connection work has not been completed. They inform me it’s not up to them, ‘they just have fill in the hole’.

“It is now filled in and tarred. Openreach will now have to dig it all up again.

“Once again I made ‘phone calls to Openreach to explain before the men filled in the hole and all I got was the usual run around. ‘It’s not us, you need to contact BT’.

“We feel BT have been arrogant in their actions by not informing us beforehand and Openreach incompetent in not dealing with our complaint in a more understanding manner.”