Remedial work to begin soon at Keptie Pond

WORK to clear the green algae menace which continues to blight Keptie Pond will begin next month.

In recent years, warm weather has caused a layer of green slime to grow on the surface of the water and even though it is unsightly, it is not harmful.

However, there have been concerns that the look of the pond may be ruining people’s enjoyment of the beauty spot and in May, Angus Council agreed to establish a borehole in the hope that it will alleviate the problem.

And Arbroath councillor Jim Millar revealed to the Herald that work to install the borehole will begin in October, meaning the problem of the green algae could be over by next summer.

He explained: “I was extremely pleased to bring a report before neighbourhood services earlier this year, which built on the successful work undertaken by a cross-party group of councillors suggesting a solution for the green algae which has blighted peoples enjoyment of the Keptie Pond over the last few years.

“I have kept a careful monitor on progress of the project and do understand the frustration of some locals at the seeming delay in undertaking the necessary works.

“However, design work and the necessary permission have been ongoing since that date and I have now been told that work is due to commence in October this year.”

Fellow Arbroath councillor David Fairweather also welcomed the news that work is due to start soon.

But he appealed for people to use the litter bins as dumped rubbish is still a problem in the area.

He added: “I am delighted that work is now ready to begin on the pond, and that it will be completed before the next tourist season. 

“I am still receiving some complaints about litter in the area, and I have been told that rubbish bins placed near the pond were repeatedly knocked over and thrown in the water. 

“I have asked officers to look at reinstating them but permanently securing them.  In the meantime, I would ask people to dispose of their litter carefully.”

Meanwhile Councillor Millar concluded: “This investment is only part of the  works of improvement being pursued in Arbroath.

“Together with the Signal Tower refurbishment, the West Links investment and other projects, I am hopeful we are starting to put Arbroath back on the map as the popular tourist destination it once was.”