Relay is on the path to success

Participants at last year's Arbroath Relay for Life felt the health benefits of walking.
Participants at last year's Arbroath Relay for Life felt the health benefits of walking.

This year’s Arbroath Relay for Life is promoting the benefits of walking for a healthy lifestyle thanks to a regional transport partnership.

The Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership (TACTRAN) has agreed to provide sponsorship for the Relay’s walking event.

This means each of the walking teams at this year’s event will get a pedometer to measure the total steps walked by their team as well as the overall distance covered and calories burned.

And Relay for Life chair Ian Angus was delighted to receive TACTRAN’s support.

He said: “We are grateful to Tactran for their support of this year’s Relay. Part of our remit is to help raise awareness of how health and lifestyle can impact on the risk factors relating to cancer.

“This initiative fits well with that role and I am sure the results will make very interesting reading for everyone involved.”

Tactran has also announced they will provide some prizes for the team that walks the furthest over the 24 hours as well as some other fun spot prizes.

Not only will this year’s event be raising money for Cancer Research UK to help fund vital research, but it will also demonstrate the wider health benefits for participants.

Tactran director Eric Guthrie added: “Encouraging walking and cycling, and the associated personal and community health and wellbeing benefits of active modes of travel, is a key element of our Regional Transport Strategy.

“Hopefully events like Relay for Life, as well as being fun, will also encourage people to consider leaving the car at home for shorter journeys.”

Anyone wishing to take part in this year’s Relay For Life in Arbroath can do so by logging on to the Cancer Research UK relay for Life Website and following the links. People can also contact Ian Angus on 07928 521030.