Refuse refusal confuses Kenna

Kenna Balion's unemptied bin from St Vigean Street, Arbroath.

Kenna Balion's unemptied bin from St Vigean Street, Arbroath.

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Keen recycler and conscientious of waste disposal, Arbroath resident Kenna Balion’s bin was refused pick up from St Vigean’s Road, Arbroath last Wednesday.

Ms Balion discovered her bin had not been emptied, along with an number of other bins on her street, after returning from dropping her children off at school in the morning.

As pictured her bin was not overflowing and only slightly ajar.

Despite being a household of five people and therefore entitled to an additional bin, Ms Balion is a diligent recycler and believes her waste is manageable if she uses all the recycling options correctly.

She was therefore dismayed at having her pickup refused. “I could understand the refusal to empty if we did not recycle and had overflowing bins, but as we take every step to ensure minimal waste, even using cloth nappies for the baby, despite no incentive from Angus Council, where most councils do offer an incentive, I am quite frankly annoyed that they have refused our collection,” Kenna explained.”

Ms Balion has three children, aged 11, 7 and 11 months old. As it was the summer holidays and Kenna’s son’s 11th birthday, the family had accumulated a little extra waste in the two week period since the last waste collection.

Upon realising the bin had not been collected, Kenna’s fiancee contacted the council and was assured that a lorry would return to pick up the bin. A council spokesperson said: ”We are delighted that this household is actively using the kerbside recycling service. We ask that all bin lids are closed so that the bins do not attract vermin.”