Red Lichtie will be late for the wedding

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THE PRODUCTION of Arbroath’s own Red Lichtie Tartan kilts has hit a hitch.

It was hoped that the first run of kilts and other tartan items would be ready in time for Arbroath couple Ian Adair and Lyndee Cooper’s Valentine’s Day wedding, but this will not now be the case.

Red Lichtie designer Steven Patrick Sim explained: “I had hoped we could have had the tartan woven by the beginning of February at the latest, but the whole process of selecting the correct yarn colours took much longer than I had anticipated.

“Unfortunately this meant the tartan weave date was set back. It’s now locked down for a mid March production.

“I’ve spoken to Ian, and he understood the timescale issues. He’s organising another kilt to wear instead.”

Ian said: “It is a shame. I’ve had to get something else sorted out and will be wearing the Spirit of Scotland. It’s not Steven’s fault at the end of the day.”

Steven has produced a limited edition series of framed Red Lichtie prints and plans to present one to the couple. He said: “I’ve decided though, I’d like to give Ian and Lyndee a wedding day gift, to add a Red Lichtie touch to the couple on their special day. I guess it’s a way to compensate for the missed deadline!”

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