Red Lichtie tartan at Parliament

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AN ARBROATH tartan design gained national recognition at Holyrood last week.

The Red Lichtie Tartan, designed by Arbroath graphic designer Steven Patrick Sim, formed the basis of a motion made by South Angus MSP Graeme Dey.

Last Tuesday Mr Dey asked his colleagues to welcome the official recognition of the Red Lichtie tartan as the Tartan of Arbroath.

He continued: “That Parliament ... offers its congratulations to the designer, Steven Patrick Sim of The Tartan Artisan, the Arbroath-based company involved in the design’s creation, which is inspired by and brings together aspects of the town’s maritime, fishing and architectural history; notes that the Community Council played a key role in granting the Red Lichtie tartan its official district tartan status; welcomes the promotion of the new plaid and its celebration of the local area for what is considered its proud seafaring history and its key role in determining Scotland’s role as an independent nation, and expresses the hope that Scotland’s history will continue to provide a wealth of influence for artists and cultural figures both at home and abroad, now and well into the future.”

Steven was understandably pleased at the recognition, which came just days after the Arbroath Herald unveiled his design.

He said: “I felt quite honoured to be recognised like that. I’m just a humble artist trying to make my way in life.

“The Red Lichtie is going to be my first and most important tartan design. I’m excited to wear it and I’m hoping other people can realise it’s positivity.

“I want people to realise it’s an Arbroath tartan but ultimately it could have a wider significance.

“I do know that there are some stirrings in the town with people in formidable positions who are aware of the tartan and there’s a lot of support.

“I’d really like Arbroath to benefit from this, and I have other tartans in the pipeline, including a few commemorative designs.”

On Tuesday Steven revealed that Ministry of Defence supplier Glenisla Kilts of Motherwell would produce affordable fabric for kilts and DC Dalgliesh of Selkirk would be involved in tailoring high end kiltwear.

He said: “I’m going to Selkirk on Monday to lock down the colours and design and I’m hoping to kill two birds with one stone and visit Motherwell at the same time.

“The very first bit of fabric will be made into a kilt for me, I think I deserve that! And it will be something tangible for people to see.

“The Scottish tartan industry is really, really thriving, but it’s not cheap and what is important at the moment is bringing it to the masses.”

Steven revealed he would pursue establishing an outlet in the town and that the next stage would be to create other products featuring the Red Lichtie tartan print.

Local milliner Karen Hirst has advance purchased fabric for a range of Red Lichtie tartan hats and there could also be a fashion show in the offing.

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