Recycling system fails householders in Ness Drive

Rubbish on the pavements at Ness Drive on Thursday morning.
Rubbish on the pavements at Ness Drive on Thursday morning.

AN ARBROATH grandmother has spoken of her concerns that the new recycling trial has left her street a health hazard.

Ness Drive resident Lily Robb contacted the Arbroath Herald after months of problems in which rubbish has been strewn all over the road, mice have infested properties and to make matters worse, street lighting has been inadequate.

The pathways around Ness Drive are very narrow and it is believed that this hampers the council refuse workers in the collection process.

With the piles of detritus mounting the poor lighting in Ness Drive can be a serious obstacle. Lily said: “Some of the street lights are still off including the one in my car park which is still causing me problems getting from my car to my front door at night.

“Because all the bins are smaller the bins have been knocked over with all the bad weather and the rubbish was all over the streets. It’s not acceptable.

“I fell over a bin in November and hurt my back.”

Lily is also concerned about the health implications of all the uncollected rubbish. She said: “I have to care for my grandchildren, and when I bring them to my house there is so much rubbish lying around they are getting ill with stomach upsets.

“When I’ve been having my grandchildren at my house I’ve been taking a lot of their stuff in and out of my car and I’m losing things because it’s too dark to see it.

“There’s rubbish lying around and they’re having to step over it as well.”

Due to the location of Ness Drive the woodland adjacent and the amount of rubbish has also resulted in an infestation of mice and spiders.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “A small number of houses in the Ness Drive area of Arbroath have been placing general waste in the wrong bins.

“We have left blue contamination stickers on their bins and an inspector will contact the householders to provide them with information.

“Anyone seeking further information on the recycling trial should contact the Angus Council ACCESSLine on 08452 777778 or visit the Angus Council website.”