Range of options to alleviate parking crisis

ARBROATH Community Council are set to offer their help to try to and improve the parking crisis at Arbroath Infirmary which continues to blight the town.

The issues surrounding the lack of spaces at the hospital were first raised in 2009 and local councillors Bob Spink and Alex King proposed that a car park should be built on the Common Good land next to the infirmary.

These plans failed to win support but NHS Tayside are now working with Angus Council on a range of options that they believe could alleviate the problem for patients, staff and nearby residents.

And on Wednesday’s meeting of Arbroath Community Council, members will be discussing ideas on how the parking headache can be solved and giving feedback on some of the recommendations made in an Angus Council report.

Chairperson Pat Millar explained: “The problem of parking at the hospital has been one that has continued to haunt the town for many years and the community council just want to do their bit to lay the ghost to rest.

“We have been given the report and we have decided to come together and look at it and the recommendations that have been made.

“Hopefully we can then discuss it and say yes you are on the right track or suggest further information to put more flesh on the bones of the ideas.”

In April when the issue was last discussed by councillors of the local authority’s infrastructure services committee, options included transferring some clinics to other facilities in Arbroath such as the Little Cairnie Hospital.

A suggestion was also made that staff pool car be kept at a separate site and the possibility of a car park on the Common Good land was also not ruled out.

And Mrs Millar added that even though the community council don’t have the power to resolve the issues, they are happy to lend a hand.

She said: “This has obviously very much been an ongoing issue over a number of years.

“It is a good thing that NHS Tayside are holding more clinics in Arbroath as people don’t have to travel as far.

“And even though it will be Angus Council and NHS Tayside who make the final decision on what happens we are happy to be a sounding board for their ideas.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council confirmed that the local authority are still in contact with NHS Tayside regarding parking at Arbroath Infirmary and that a report will be put before councillors later in the year.

She explained: “We are in discussion with the NHS Tayside regarding the options which were identified in a previous committee report, with a view to identifying viable and preferred options for improved parking at the Infirmary, and intend to report further to committee later in the year.

“This will require work to be done both by NHS staff and council staff.”