Queen’s Baton relay team for Angus announced

The list of Angus batonbearers for the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay has now been announced.

The Queen’s Baton Relay will start its Angus journey just after 8am on Saturday 28 June in Monifieth, when the Provost of Angus Helen Oswald and Monifieth elected members will welcome the Baton to the county at the North Balmossie Street boundary with Dundee. The baton is being carried by 90+ local batonbearers, each of whom will carry it for around 200m.

Congratulating the Angus batonbearers Councillor Jeanette Gaul, chair of the Angus Games Steering Group, said: “Huge congratulations to all of our batonbearers, it’s going to be a fantastic day of celebration in Angus as the baton travels around the county on Saturday, June 28! I’m sure that thousands of people will line the route to support our local community heroes and catch a glimpse of this iconic baton.”

The baton relay route in Angus is Monifieth, Carnoustie, East Haven and on to Arbroath, continuing to Forfar, Glamis, Kirriemuir, Northmuir, Brechin and finishing at Montrose, with a fantastic community end-of-day celebration. The street level route is available online at www.angus.gov.uk/games2014. Monifieth, Carnoustie, East Haven and Arbroath runners:

Bruce Philip - Monifieth

Jack Anderson - Monifieth

Alistair Vannet - Monifieth

Alison McInally -Monifieth

Gilbert Valentine - Monifieth

Melanie Atkins - Monifieth

Moira Nicoll - Monifieth

Mark Callison - Monifieth

Emma Conway - Monifieth

Laura Hare - Monifieth

Stuart Driscoll - Monifieth

Jordann Cunningham - Carnoustie

Lynda Sim - Carnoustie

Alan Soutar - Carnoustie

Winston Webber - Carnoustie

Ryan Beattie - Carnoustie

Lesley Maguire - Carnoustie

Ian McFarlane - Carnoustie

Elaine Scott - Carnoustie

Cameron Stephen - Carnoustie

Sarah Anderson - Carnoustie

Stefan Stevenson - Carnoustie

Andrew (Andy) Johnston - Carnoustie

Mary Reid - Carnoustie

Leonard Jukes - Carnoustie

Kirsten Cameron - Carnoustie

Leanne Mowbray - Carnoustie

Jennifer (J J) Christine - Carnoustie

Ian Wren - Carnoustie

Scott Nicoll - East Haven

Laura Smith - East Haven

Linda Patterson - Arbroath 1

Janette (Jan) Fairlie - Arbroath 1

Darren Burnett - Arbroath 2

Kailin Brannigan - Arbroath 2

Keith Ritchie - Arbroath 2

Kerry Duncan - Arbroath 2

Duncan Reid - Arbroath 2

Maria Orsi - Arbroath 2

Dylan Richardson - Arbroath 2

Jayne Burnett - Arbroath 2