Putting the shine into modern art

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SELF-TAUGHT Arbroath resin artist Gail Knight has been producing contemporary boxed canvas oils and acrylic art for over 10 years.

But in the last three years her passion for epoxy resin and mixed media has tested all of her experience to master and perfect this new form of modern art.

She explained: “The introduction of epoxy resin with mixed media not only generates depth but allows me to stream and fuse my art to form exactly the outcome I have envisioned!

“Not only can I manipulate my work but the art itself encapsulates the result within a glass like finish and under varying light conditions allows the observer to appreciate a fresh perspective every time.”

Gail’s new web-based ‘Resin Art Gallery’ is a testament to her efforts.

And the artist herself is delighted with the positive response. She stated: “I had a call only last week from an art consultant who said he was interested in my work for the foyers of buildings and offices.”

Gail’s resin art can be applied to boxed canvas of varying sizes at affordable prices which brings a welcome response from both private and commercial modern art enthusiasts alike.

Sourcing the majority of materials locally and generating the art pieces from her personal workshop, Gail has a vision to open her own local gallery and pour her knowledge back into the area by conducting resin art lessons.

A local lass, she attended Warddykes Primary School and Arbroath Academy before taking a job in retail management in the town. She worked for 15 years until the birth of her first child.

Gail now lives at Seaton Lodge with her husband and their two children.

Her work can be viewed online at www.resinartgallery.com