Putting some fire back into Arbroath

Fireworks by Amy Hope.
Fireworks by Amy Hope.

Born from the ashes of the Arbroath fireworks saga is the rising light of local mum.

Emotions surrounding the lack of firework display in the town have run high over the past month but Karren Cuthill chose to do something to change it.

“I don’t know the background as to why there was not one this year, and we don’t need to.

“I thought why can’t we go forward and organise one for ourselves?”

Karren set up a Facebook page ‘Fireworks for Arbroath’ to garner interest from the community and within 24 hours there was over 400 members.

Although displays such as Edzell and Dundee offer spectacular events Karren is keen to have something closer to home.

“Then we can just walk up to the town and be home at a reasonable time at night. It is another way to keep the community together as well as the kids.

“They all love it. There was a number of people saying ‘we should do something’ but nobody actually wanted to say, ‘I’ll do it’, so I did!”

To harness all the enthusiasm and ideas from across Arbroath, Karren has organised a public meeting on Monday, November 17 at 7 p.m. in the bar at Coast.

“We’ve got all kinds - mums, RNLI, Round Table have expressed an interest, council members, other people with previous experience of displays.

“It is between all of us, not just me. I just started the ball rolling, there are so many people that are interested. It is a community event,” Karren said. “People expect the council to organise it but it is up to us, and why not? Why can’t we do it? If there is enough of us together we can achieve it.

Please note, the public meeting is on Monday, November 17 in Coast, 4 Gravesend, Arbroath.