Put your lights on for foggy driving

POLICE are reminding drivers that they must used dipped headlights while driving in fog, or any conditions where there is reduced visibility.

There have been some foggy conditions recently, and many drivers are either not putting on any lights or are only using sidelights.

A police spokesman said: “As these foggy conditions could be with us all day drivers must use dipped headlights. This will help to allow other road users to see them. Using no lights or just sidelights will increase your chances of not being seen and could lead to you being involved in an avoidable road collision.

“Sidelights on their own are simply not bright enough. Using no lights at all is both illegal and very dangerous. Drivers must exercise some common sense and get their headlights on. Where they cannot see the road clearly ahead of them, simply reduce their speed and allow more time for their journey.”