Punk blues band’s debut album

SOMETIMES you get a band that you see play live and the sheer jaw-dropping energy that it exudes on stage is awesome, explosive, aggressive, powerful, manic, adrenaline fuelled, hi-octane, rip-roaringly rocking punk blues!

Welcome to the world of ‘Ghosts of Progress’ who will launch their debut album, ‘Exchange your Problems for Dope and Whisky’, released on the Motor Sound Record label, at Arbroath’s Westport Bar on Saturday night.

Formed in 2008 in Montrose, Ghosts of Progress consist of Lew Palgrave on guitar, vocals and busker style drums and Callum Christie on guitar. Best described as a ‘one man band plus one’, the sheer racket they make is so dangerous it should carry a government health warning!

Lew’s searing electric slide guitar just tears up and down your spine to stunning effect, as Callum’s guitar unleashes an unrestrained riffing fury of electrifying proportions.

Above all this Lew vents a spitting torrent of raw, expansive vocals that you could easily hear over a working shipyard. Featuring dark, hilarious tales of alcoholism, drugs and seduction, their sound is propelled by drumbeats and cymbals that sound like a three-armed drummer.