Protesters say no to gay marriage

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Opponents of the Scottish Government’s plans to legalise same sex marriage held a recent protest meeting in Arbroath.

Around 25 people attended the gathering in the Webster Memorial Theatre organised by Scotland For Marriage, the umbrella group set up to challenge plans for same sex marriage.

And Scotland For Marriage, which say they have the support of more than 45,000 people across Scotland claims local people are keen to support their campaign.

A spokesman said: “Our experience shows that a great many voters in the area disagree with the proposed legislation.

“And we had an excellent turn-out of local residents keen to express their views and show their support for our campaign.

“Most people believe our politicians are disconnected from ordinary people on this matter and are not representative of the views of ordinary people.

“But, in spite of public opinion, the Scottish Government is continuing to plan legislation.”

The Scottish Government held a consultation on their plans for same sex marriage, which closed in March and are currently considering the submissions before issuing a response.

But the Scotland for Marriage spokesman added: “The campaign is not just for people of faith, Christian or otherwise, and is certainly not homophobic.

It is a means of objecting to a proposal that would undermine the bedrock of our society.

“The proposal to redefine marriage is being driven by such a small percentage of the Scottish population.

“We are taking the campaign direct to the people to put pressure on the MSPs who will vote on the issue to explain their position to their constituents.”