Project sites earmarked

THREE local sites are included in a number throughout Angus which have been selected as permanently protected outdoor spaces for sport, play and recreation as part of the Queen Elizabeth Fields Challenge.

The initiative is intended to create a permanent, tangible and relevant legacy from the three landmark events of Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012, the London 2012 Olympics and the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Members of Angus Council’s neighbourhood services committee at their meeting on Thursday approved Carnoustie House grounds; Riverview park, Monifieth; and Arbroath West Links as sites for the project.

The council will apply to the Fields in Trust Scotland to establish that each site meets the minimum criteria for a Queen Elizabeth field .

Convener of Neighbourhood Services, Councillor Jim Millar said: “Once we know that the sites we have chosen meet the minimum requirements, we will form an agreement with Fields in Trust to allow them to use the sites as recreation grounds forever. This means that the sites will never be sold, leased or built upon without consent of Fields in Trust, so permanently preserving these open spaces.”