Problem parkers create hotel hell

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More parking problems in Arbroath have been uncovered following our coverage in recent weeks of issues on the High Street and at our schools.

We were contacted by Jack Rase owner of the Maulesbank Guest House, Maule Street, who has had problems for years.

Mr Rase told the Herald: “We have had the same problem on Maule Street daily for years. There are times my customers and I cannot get out of the gate because someone is double parked on the double yellow lines.

“On numerous occasions I have had my guests inconvenienced because someone was blocking our gate when they were trying to get in.

“They had to find another place to park then walk back to our B&B.

“In the past I have had several verbal altercations and threats with the illegal parkers and they act like it is your fault that they are blocking your driveway and are illegally parked.

“The bottom line is people have no respect for anything! It’s a ‘me first’ rule!”

According to Mr Rase his attempts to get help from the authorities have been fruitless.

He explained: “I have asked the council to help with the parking problem and they would not do any markings to make it a ‘no parking zone’ or are willing to help with other resources.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council responded: “We have carried out a review of parking at the street with Police Scotland.

“Where there are already waiting restrictions, we would not consider the provision of a no parking zone. When parking prevents access, this is enforceable by the police.”

Mr Rase continued: “I have asked the police several times to help, some of the old police have helped, but usually they do not have the time to show up!

“I have been told by the Tayside Police that I should just wait until the offender gets back to his car.

“In some cases the owner did not show for 45 minutes.

“I felt like I was politely being told that parking violators were below the local police force’s radar.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Police in Angus are aware of concerns regarding inconsiderate and illegal parking in areas of Arbroath and we would urge drivers to consider the impact of their actions.”