Potholes: Have your say

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IN LAST week’s edition we asked our readers to let us know what they thought of the local pothole situation.

And while not everybody who responded felt Angus justified being known for the worst roads, everybody did agree they were in dire need of work.

In the article Angus Council outlined current planning and spending decisions on dealing with potholes in response to survey data which named Angus as the worst region in Britain for damage caused by potholes.

Angus Council was able to demonstrate that just under £3 million had been allocated to the Roads and Transport Renewal Fund for this financial year to prevent and permanently deal with potholes.

It was also shown that between April and September 2012 3,652 potholes were identified and dealt with.

We invited our readers to give their views on the situation and received a flood of diverse comments.

A few people disagreed with the results of the survey and said Angus was no worse than anywhere else.

David Hovell commented: “Edinburgh is worse than Angus, just.”

Richie Fenwick added: “Driving around 30,000 miles per year, I don’t think Angus is any better or any worse than the rest of the UK. The whole country has generally poor to terrible road surfaces.”

There were however many more people who felt not enough was being done to combat road defects. Jordan Lloyd said: “Carnoustie needs all roads re-surfaced. Not just filling a pothole in.”

Claire Louise Chalmers added: “Beechwood Road up Kirkton is horrible, covered in potholes”

Regular Arbroath Herald website visitor ianmc agreed wholeheartedly that Angus has the worst roads. He said: “I travel the country roads throughout the north east and Angus by far has the worst conditions of any authority.

“Not only potholes but road surfaces which are crumbling. Indeed some of the roads I have come across resemble nothing but farm tracks such is the condition they have been allowed to deteriorate too.”

He was also less than complimentary about methods employed by the those repairing the roads. He said: “I have also come across a number of small vans where one or two men mix up some asphalt and pour it into the hole with little more than a pat down and this represents repair work to Angus.

“Asked why they never seal patches one road worker told me that if they did, it would do themselves out of a job.”

Website user FMcClymont added: “When a complaint is made about a particular pothole it is that one and only pothole that eventually gets fixed.

“Workpersons appear to have been instructed to ‘turn a blind eye’ to any others in close proximity.

“Surfaces are crumbling and patched up across Angus. Compared with road surfaces outwith Angus, it is clear that Angus roads are among the worst, if not the worst place in Britain.”

l What are the roads like in your area? Is Angus Council doing a good enough job? Send us your comments in the usual way and for those on Twitter snap a picture next time you pass a pothole and tweet it to @heraldjohnston with the time and location.