Potholes blighting retail car park

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Shoppers have been calling for attention to be paid to the road and car park at the Westway Retail Park as large potholes have started to appear.

The retail estate is home to several major chains and has been a fixture in the town for many years now.

It is home to Asda, B & Q, Pets at Home, Halfords, McDonald’s and KFC.

However, several readers have been in touch to voice their concerns about the state of the road, which runs around the park and the parking facilities.

One reader told the Herald: “Having occasion to visit the shopping estate at the Westway Retail Park, I was absolutely appalled at the state of the road.

“I counted 13 holes in the road, several of which were really dangerous.

“After enquiries at the various stores, nobody seemed to want to accept responsibility.

“They are all happy to take any money spent but not willing to make any repairs.

“Please take heed and do something soon.”

The reader added that the road had been reported to both the police and Angus Council.

Our inquiries as to who was responsible for the upkeep of the surface were also met with a brick wall.

The local authority confirmed they were not responsible for the road.

And original developer of the retail Park, McDonald Estates also added it was no longer their responsibility either.