Portillo polishes off porridge and poached eggs

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AN ARBROATH guest house had an unexpected visitor for breakfast this week.

Bill Adam of the Harbour Nights Guest House at The Shore was in for a surprise on Tuesday when the Rt Hon Mr Michael Portillo popped in for a couple of poached eggs.

Mr Portillo was in Arbroath on Monday to film a segment for the new series of his BBC 2 programme Great British Railways, and was reportedly staying somewhere in the town which couldn’t accommodate his need for a very early breakfast.

Four members of the film crew were already staying with Bill, and he explained when he heard he would be setting an extra place he half expected it to be the former Cabinet Minister.

He said: “I had an idea it was him. A note was left asking if it was possible to take another two for breakfast. I had half an inkling, at least, I was hoping it was him.”

Despite the early hour, the two were able to chat over breakfast. Bill explained: “I was talking away to him, as I served him breakfast, a couple of poached eggs and porridge!

“I had a good craic with him, we were speaking about my grandfather who used to be the station master at Glamis.”

Harbour Nights is no stranger to famous guests, although most are there for more than breakfast. Bill said: “Not just for breakfast, but we have them staying for the night.

“We normally get quite a few when they are at the Webster. We’ve had the Alexander Brothers, David Van Day, and Nasty Nick from Eastenders among others.

“We don’t want to name drop, all our guests are equally important to us.”

It is understood that after filming in Arbroath on Monday, Mr Portillo and his film crew moved on to film in Montrose.