Poor support jeopardises events

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A poor public response to an appeal for help in organising village events has forced the cancellation of the annual Inverkeilor Bonfire Night display.

Following on from the success of the 2013 Hogmany Dance, the Inverkeilor Village Hall committee carried out a letter drop through every door Inverkeilor.

It was hoped to drum up support for the hall’s future and upcoming events, however no-one could have prepared them for the dire response, at the open door meeting that followed.

Consequently this has led to the cancellation of this year’s bonfire and fireworks display.

A spokesperson for the committee said: “This ever popular village event cannot be organised, supervised and carried out safely, with such a small committee.

“There is now also a big question mark over the 2014 Hogmany Dance, which last year saw 130 tickets sold.

“An event like a dance takes organising, needs tickets printed off and sold, raffle prizes sought, setting up and clearing away, it doesn’t just happen, and without a committee, it just won’t happen.”

Ultimately, a lack of support from the village could have disastrous effects for the hall and events according to the committee.

The spokesperson continued: “A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining the Village Hall, and without these fundraisers, the committee don’t know how the hall will support itself once the savings run out.

“If you’d like to get involved helping with the village hall and joining the committee, to save these events that keep the village together, please speak to either Scot Marshall smarshall@aol.com or Colin Fitchet colinfitchet@btinternet.com.”