Poor response threatens fireworks display

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ARBROATH’S annual fireworks display could be under threat due to a lack of support this year.

The Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council is asking the people of Arbroath to show their community spirit and rally behind the popular display.

The sub-committee in charge of the event is struggling to find the financial support for this year’s display.

A spokesperson for the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council said: “At present it is a bit of hit and miss as to whether the firework display will have gained enough funding to support this year’s event.

“Although the members of the community council are putting their heart and soul into making the event a success, the financial support that is required from the public and the business community has not been forthcoming.”

A yomp has been organised for Sunday to raise funds for the display but has apparently not attracted the support expected.

The spokesperson added: “If the people of Arbroath don’t have the time to spare to take part in the yomp would they at least consider putting a few pounds into the fund in support of the firework display?

“There are various businesses around the town that are displaying firework posters, it is in these shops where donations can be made.

“We all at the community council are aware that time is running out, with less than four weeks to go I can’t stress strongly enough that currently the funding situation is in a desperate situation.

“If we do not receive the needed funds for this year and fund-raising continues beyond and after the date of November 5, there will not be a display in 2013.”

If you would like to make a donation contact Angie Smith on 01241 430937 or stop by Inchcape Park on Sunday at 10 a.m. to make a donation at the beginning of the yomp.