Poor parking in pictures

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Arbroath’s poor parking saga continues this week after the Arbroath Herald received some quite shocking examples in photographs.

Reader Gillian Millman contacted the Herald on Thursday with some pictures she snapped on Arbroath High Street and also in Angus Council’s Millgate car park on March 3.

The first photograph was taken from Darlings Cafe at around 3 p.m. on Thursday and shows a whole row of cars parked on the double yellow lines on High Street. According to Gillian a Police Scotland van drove past while she was in the cafe and no move was made to ticket or clear the offending vehicles.

The second picture was taken on March 3 in the Millgate public car park. Gillian said: “Car was parked there when I parked up at 8.50 a.m. and was still there at half 12, this sort of parking is a particular bugbear of mine as surely you would notice you were that badly parked and back up into the space rather than doing what I call a ‘dump and run’?”

Another concerned citizen added: “Another street that needs serious consideration is Leonard Street, there is only enough room on this street for one way traffic and it can be really tight to get passed vans and lorries parked on this street as there are always cars parked on both side of the road despite two car parks at each end of this road that people are too lazy to park in.

“Time for drastic measures such as fines or even towing.”

The comments have continued on the Arbroath Herald Facebook page with readers contributing their own examples or calling for action from the authorities.

Alison Beattie wrote: “Bring the traffic warden back! The way some people park is shocking.”

Stuart Watson added: “Since they got rid of the traffic warden it’s got a lot worse.”

Jen Bally wrote: “The town is awful and to be fair there’s plenty of car parks but some folk are so lazy they would rather just double park or on yellow lines!”

l Does poor parking in Arbroath upset you?