Poor parkers posing problems

15-08-2013. Picture Michael Gillen. FALKIRK. Manor Street. Double yellow lines freshly painted days before road being resurfaced.
15-08-2013. Picture Michael Gillen. FALKIRK. Manor Street. Double yellow lines freshly painted days before road being resurfaced.

Parking problems in Arbroath have been a bugbear for drivers and pedestrians alike for many years but this week it appears to have come to a head.

The Arbroath Herald was contacted by a reader outraged by thoughtless parking along the town’s high street and at the same time another person took to Facebook about the problems of poor parking habits outside a primary school.

Our reader, who wished to stay anonymous, wrote: “I have tried ‘phoning the council and the police this afternoon (Friday) and don’t seem to have got anywhere.

“Within the last hour I’ve come across two incidents with up to 10 cars being abandoned, even at the crossroads with Commerce Street and High Street.”

Meanwhile on Arbroath Online Davina Shepherd raised the issue of bad parking at Warddykes Primary School.

She posted: “It’s obviously too much to ask to keep this area clear of parked cars so that our children can cross safely, without being knocked down!

“There is a near miss almost every night! It’s not just this school it’s all of them!”

Similar problems have been experienced at Hayshead Primary School, a spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Police in Angus are aware of concerns regarding inconsiderate and illegal parking in areas of Arbroath and we would urge drivers to consider the impact of their actions.

“A joint clampdown on inconsiderate and illegal parking was undertaken recently at Hayshead Primary. Complaints had been received from residents and concerned parents.

“In response, Police Scotland, working together with the Hayshead Parent Council, carried out patrols in the area to address the issue of illegal and inappropriate parking in the immediate environment of the school during drop off and pick up times.

“Volunteers from the Parent Council noted the registrations of vehicles flouting the regulations and the owners were visited and warned by the police. Enforcement action was also carried out when police were in attendance, with drivers facing a £30 fixed penalty notice. The clampdown was very successful, by the end of the week, there was a noticeable reduction in vehicles committing offences. This area will continue to receive attention, keeping children safe as they arrive at school.

“The local Community Policing team remind all car users and especially those who take and collect children to and from school that parking on zig-zag lines in the vicinity of schools is totally unacceptable. It causes a danger for all and in particular, all children going to and from the schools and is a matter that Police Scotland will enforce with use of the legislation available.

“The police are committed to keeping children safe, and similar initiatives of this type will continue as appropriate both outside schools and other areas of the town where illegal or inconsiderate parking is an issue. Officers also work with the local authority to manage and enforce parking and with this in mind, Angus Council has preserved free parking to encourage the use of car parks, of which there are many.”