Pond life thriving at beauty spot

Up to 48 different species of bird and countless other creatures have been recorded at Keptie Pond in 2013, according to local research.

Despite the algae forming on the pond’s surface yet again this summer, and the seemingly ineffectiveness of the new bore hole, wildlife is still flocking to the beauty spot.

Keptie Pond is home to a wealth of wildlife including this terrapin.

Keptie Pond is home to a wealth of wildlife including this terrapin.

Alex Shepherd has been keeping a close eye on the animals that are visiting or residing at the pond, and so far he has counted 48 different types of bird as well as different species of fish and even a terrapin.

He said: “The list is probably not complete but shows that 48 species of birds have been recorded and photographed, mostly during 2013.

“There are also large numbers of roach in the pond which sustain grey heron, cormorants and goosander along with introduced carp which may weigh up to five pounds and at least one or more terrapins.

“The current low water levels will be having an effect on the life in the pond, the carp have left the shallows and the roach are now easy prey to the herons.

“The long term resident pair of mute swans were driven away from the pond this summer by a new larger and younger pair which have successfully raised five cygnets.”

Although Mr Shepherd admits there are problems facing the pond such as water levels and litter, we should all be proud of the local beauty spot.

He added: “There are also problems with dog fouling, litter, dogs chasing wildlife, unauthorised angling and feeding gulls which are encouraged to stay around and unfortunately take a toll on ducklings, and young coots and moorhens.

“I’m sure most people see Keptie Pond as a great asset and those who maybe haven’t thought about it should visit and have a quiet walk around with their eyes open and see just what is there, be it birds, fish,wildflowers, butterflies, insects or the beautiful view.”