Weir to contest Angus seat

Mr Salmond conducting the auction.
Mr Salmond conducting the auction.

Mike Weir MP has been confirmed to again stand for the Angus Westminster seat. At a packed meeting at the Reid Hall in Forfar, Mr Weir was unanimously endorsed by members of the local SNP from across the constituency.

Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond MSP was the guest speaker at the event and received a rousing reception from the enthusiastic members.

Speaking at the meeting Mr Weir said that it was a great honour to have served as MP for Angus since 2001 and looked forward to the coming General Election campaign.

“Angus is the most beautiful constituency in the country, and it is a real honour to have served the area where I was born and brought up. I look forward to the forthcoming campaign.”

He added that the forthcoming General Election was likely to return a larger number of SNP MPs giving the party the opportunity to influence the formation of the next government and pursue Scotland’s interests.

“We will ensure that it is Scotland’s priorities that dominate Westminster – the ending of austerity, getting the real powers that the Scottish Parliament needs to revitalise our economy, and getting rid of Trident nuclear missiles.

“We have seen in recent weeks the differences between us and the other parties. The Tories have promised a further £30 billion of cuts if they win the next election and, when Westminster was asked to vote on their proposals, all the other parties trooped through the lobbies to support them. The SNP voted against them.

“SNP MPs voted for a moratorium on fracking, Labour abstained and the other parties voted against it. We now have a moratorium on fracking in Scotland only because the Scottish Government took the courageous decision to go it alone and stop it in its tracks.

“Time and again it is only the SNP that stands up for Scotland’s interests and Scotland’s priorities at Westminster.”

After the speeches Mr Salmond held an impromptu auction of a bottle of malt whisky to raise funds for the campaign, as well as posing for photographs.