Video: Retiring councillor names highlights

WITH the election campaigns for all the parties well under way, the Guide and Gazette is taking an opportunity to look at the career of one Carnoustie councillor who is moving on to pastures new next month.

Peter Murphy has been a councillor for Carnoustie since 1999 and before that was involved with the community council for five years.

Peter’s political career started in 1995 when he unsuccessfully stood as a Labour candidate for Carnoustie, and then again in 1998 which saw him lose by just 60 votes.

But then in 1999 he was finally elected and formed part of the opposition for the next eight years, and was interestingly the first elected Labour representative in Carnoustie since 1946.

Councillor Murphy has been involved in many projects during his time, for him the highlights have included his role with the West Point Action Group which saved the Fairway Garage and other significant buildings from being demolished to make way for the new health centre.

He was also involved in siting the health centre in the west end of town, the founding of the Carnoustie Allotments Association and the upgrade to the beach board walk.

In addition Peter has been active in his role of depute provost attending centenaries, diamond weddings, opening ceremonies and even a trade mission to Yantai, Shangdong Province, China.

We asked Peter to name a few of his highlights from his time as a councillor, see our video for his response.

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