‘The current arrangement works well’ says Secretary of State for Scotland

The Secretary of State for Scotland visited Arbroath today (Thursday) to discuss what matters to our community.

In the face of the impending referendum vote politicians have ramped up their public presence on the street giving us the ideal opportunity to discuss with the Cabinet Minister and MP for Orkney and Shetland Alistair Carmichael some of the issues which affect our readers.

One of the key questions raised in the area is the fate of 45 Commando should Scotland vote ‘Yes’ on September 18.

Following a visit to RM Condor we exclusively quizzed Mr Carmichael on the Government’s position on the future of the marines in Arbroath.

Watch the video to see his response.

Mr Carmichael answered more questions on local matters. Check next week’s Arbroath Herald to see his answers.