Scottish heroes event at Abbey

AT 1320 hours on April 6, a memorial gathering was held at Arbroath’s Abbey Green to honour Scottish heroes.

Mr Jim McGugan, Letham, said: “We are surrounded by a vast host of heroes. Heroes of our land, heroes who nurtured a vision for Scotland, heroes who fought and died for this land, heroes who spent much of their lives talking positively of this land, and in our own days heroes fighting elections for this land.”

He continued: “What we seek is for the affairs of Scotland to be run by the people who live here.”

Mr McGugan then solemnly read out a list of Heroes, suggested and compiled by Scottish people over the years.

Among the names either local or with local connections were the following.

Arbroath and Angus: King William the Lion of Justice, Abbot Bernard de Linton, King Robert the Bruce, Miss Margaret Brodie, Alex Bowman, Frank Thornton, G.B. Lowe, Margaret Campbell, Rev. Scollay, George S. Shepherd. Professor Malcolm Slesser, Bill and Mrs Forbes, Eddie Vienne, Mr Shand, Betty Allan, Johnny Allan, Margaret and Mrs Simpson, Alma and Jack Knight, Muriel Scott, Donald Robertson, John P. McFarlane, Pete Patterson, Alex and Mrs Ross, Brian Hosie, Mrs Drysdale, John Ellis of Wellbank, Moira Muir of Birkhill, Morris Scott (died February 10, 2012), Cath McGinley, Chrissie and Bert Coull, Wull Rae, George Sturrock, Neville Eccles and Donald McIntee.