Polling day for Arbroath East and Lunan

Bob Spink
Bob Spink

Voters in the Arbroath East and Lunan ward have until 10pm today (Monday, November 28) to cast their votes to elect a new councillor.

A by-election was sparked back in September following Bob Spink’s decision to step down. Mr Spink stood for election to the council in 2003 and was duly elected to serve as the councillor for the Hayshead and Lunan ward. He was re-elected in 2007 and 2012, serving as one of the four councillors for the Arbroath East and Lunan multi-member ward.

Polls opened at 7am this morning. The decision to go to the polls on a Monday, rather than a Thursday, was because the returning officer felt it practical to take advantage of the in-service day. This means there will be no disruption to the school day.

If you are an elector who votes at Warddykes Primary School – please be aware that the location of the polling place has changed. It can now only be accessed from the entrance at the bottom of Warddykes Avenue and not via the main school entrance.