MP welcomes fuel duty U-turn

THE SCRAPPING of the proposed rise in fuel duty will ease the worry of many local families and businesses, according to the local MP.

The Chancellor George Osborne announced that the rise in August will not be imposed after pressure from many different groups.

The announcement came as an amendment, supported by 54 MPs from nine different parties opposing the increase was lodged.

And Angus MP Mike Weir said: “This is very welcome news indeed and removes a considerable worry from many families and businesses across Angus ,who were facing another substantial increase in their outgoings at a time when wages are, at best, stagnant.

“The increase could have had very serious consequences.

“The SNP led campaign had gathered huge momentum with hauliers, business leaders and householders all uniting against the increase. I have had more letters on this subject that anything else I can remember.

“There is absolutely nothing green in destroying local communities and economies, which would be the impact of continually raising fuel prices.

“Many Angus communities have no alternative to road transport and increased costs feed through to all areas of the local economy, both for businesses based here and trying to send goods out and for those bringing goods in.”