MP welcomes caravan tax cut

ANGUS MP Mike Weir has cautiously welcomed the news that the UK government has reduced the planned rate of its  caravan tax

Mr Weir had condemned the new tax when it was announced and voted against it in the debates on the Finance Bill.

He said: “At a time when many small businesses are finding it difficult in the current economic situation, it was a crazy move to introduce an additional tax of 20 per cent on an already depressed industry.”

“Over the last few years the sale of static caravans has fallen by over half and this tax could well have been the killer blow.

“This would have a knock on effect not only on manufacturers but also on the Scottish tourist industry as there are several static parks, including the Red Lion at Arbroath, where the sale of caravans is an important part of their business.”

“He should rethink the whole idea.”