MP wants answers on Condor radium

RM Condor.
RM Condor.

LOCAL MP Mike Weir is demanding answers from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) after RM Condor was one of the sites identified as potentially being contaminated with radioactive waste.

It was revealed last week that the home of 45 Commando could be one of nine Scottish sites with radium in its soil after being flagged up by the MOD.

An inquiry by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has been examining sites, which potentially might be contaminated.

Condor is one of these sights along with Dalgety Bay in Fife, RAF Kinloss and RAF Machrihanish in Argyll.

And now Angus MP Mike Weir is calling on the MOD to release further details as to the extent of any possible radium contamination.

Commenting on the matter, Mr Weir said it was important to establish how serious an issue there might be with possible contamination at the base.

He added: “Whilst I understand that the problem at Condor is much less acute than that which has been discovered at Dalgety Bay and RAF Kinloss, I think it is vital that the MOD be clear as to the extent of the contamination at all the sites which have been identified.

“I am pursuing questions with them to try and obtain this information, plus an assurance that there is no question of any problem outside the current extent of the base itself.”

The contamination relates back to the ‘40s and ‘50s when the base was still known as HMS Condor and was a Fleet Air Arm base.

Aircraft that were scrapped and burned may have been buried at the site after the Second World War and it thought the number of planes that were scrapped in this way is in four figures.

The potential danger relates to the fact that radium was used to coat dials and other equipment in aircraft so they could be seen in the dark.

RM Condor has been home to 45 Commando since 1971.

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