MP salutes 45 Commando

45 Commando  LA Phot Pepe Hogan
45 Commando LA Phot Pepe Hogan

Angus MP Mike Weir has saluted 45 Commando’s decision to mark their 45th anniversary in Arbroath by marching through the town’s streets.

Around 350 servicemen from the marine base exercised the Freedom of Angus they were awarded in 2001 with a parade on Wednesday as they celebrated their 45th year in their North East base.

And Weir believes the marines now ‘feel at home’ in Arbroath having forged a strong bond with the Angus town since moving into Condor in 1972.

Mike Weir MP said: “Arbroath is proud to have been a base for 45 Commando for 45 years and it is fitting that they have been afforded the opportunity to mark this occasion by marching through the town’s streets.

“Over the past four-and-a-half decades they have become an integral part of the town and have embraced the Arbroath community.

“In turn, the people of Arbroath and wider Angus have played a huge part in helping to make the servicemen and women of 45 to feel ‘at home.’

“The 45 Commando were awarded the Freedom of Angus at the start of the new Millennium and the bravery and dedication they have shown to both their regiment and country since setting up camp in Arbroath in 1972 is highly commendable.”