MP opposes Royal Mail sale

The MP for Dundee East has spoken out in opposition of Westminster plans to sell-off the Royal Mail.

Stewart Hosie MP, opposes plans to privatise Royal Mail and supports the campaign by the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and the general public to combat this.

Following a Commons debate on the subject Mr Hosie said: “The SNP opposes UK Government attempts to privatise Royal Mail and we voted against the move.

“Speaking in the debate in the House of Commons, my SNP colleague Mike Weir MP re-iterated our view that Royal Mail, and in particular the universal service, is essential.

“We have seen in recent days and weeks many outrageous claims from The No campaign but the real danger for the mail service is not Independence but remaining in the United Kingdom.

“I can only agree with Willie Marshall, Secretary of Communications Union (CWU) Scotland, Number 2 Branch, who said: ‘Privatising Royal Mail will be the biggest threat to customers and employees all over Scotland but particularly in remote and rural areas if the universal service obligation is ditched. People know perfectly well that an independent Scottish government would protect those services in a way that Westminster simply won’t.’

“A privatised mail service would be a disaster for Scotland and we must ensure that we have a publicly owned mail that delivers for all of Scotland.”