MP calls for action on Burma atrocities

STEWART Hosie MP is supporting calls for government action of ethnic violence in Burma.

The MP has previously signed an Early Day Motion at Westminster and responding to concerns from constituents with family in Burma, he has now written to the Secretary of State, the Rt Hon William Hague MP.

Mr Hosie said: “I know that the Foreign Secretary has previously been vocal on the need for the Burmese government to recognise the rights of the largely Muslim Rohingya population however the situation facing the minority is intensifying and getting worse by the day.

“Amnesty International reports that almost 100 people have been killed in addition to between 50,000 and 90,000 displaced.

“The Prime Minister recently called for EU sanctions against Burma to be lifted as a result of recent parliamentary elections.

“However, I believe this would send out the wrong signal to the Burmese government and effectively condone the discriminatory killing of many innocent civilians.

“I therefore have urged the Foreign Secretary to make representations to the Burmese government and put on record his condemnation in the strongest possible terms to what is occurring.”

In his Early Day Motion Mr Hosie condemned the inaction of Burmese authorities in preventing communal violence against the Rohingya, and their blocking of international agencies attempting to provide humanitarian aid.