Lunan Bay car park row

A MAJOR row has broken out over a decision by Angus Council to spend £90,000 upgrading the car park at Lunan Bay.

The proposal had divided councillors at the meeting, but now Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council member Ian Watson has joined the fray.

He believes that providing car parking spaces for Arbroath Infirmary to alleviate the situation in Rosemount Road, Addison Place and Roseberry Place should take priority.

At Lunan Bay car park the one-way system will be removed and the entrance widened to accommodate two-way traffic. The existing parking bays will be remodelled and enlarged where possible to create the capacity for an additional 25 vehicles.

The entire parking area will be resurfaced in a ‘blinded’ surface and additional tree planting will be carried out between the parking bays to enhance the appearance and habitat value of the area.

Finally, the existing boardwalk access to the dunes / beach will be repaired where necessary, signage upgraded or renewed and litter collection facilities improved.

Mr Watson said: “I have been contacted by numerous residents in the area of Arbroath Infirmary who are amazed at the decision.

“The Lunan Bay car park does not belong to the council. It is rented from the landowner who is seeking to build a restaurant which would overlook the area. The people who spoke to me believe it is wrong to award this amount of money to a privately run business when the same councillors have refused to improve car parking at Arbroath Infirmary.”

However, Angus Council’s tourism spokesman, Councillor David May, said the upgrades will be an investment in one the county’s major visitor attractions.

He added that Lunan Bay is one of the most spectacular undeveloped beaches in Scotland and as such is a huge tourism asset for Angus.

Local councillor David Fairweather suggested that Mr Watson should read the council committee papers before commenting about “something he clearly does not understand”.

And Councillor Bob Spink said he was astonished by Mr Watson’s comments which he said showed a complete ignorance of the facts of the matter.

The subject of car parking adjacent to Arbroath Infirmary will be discussed at Wednesday’s community council meeting in the Public Library at 7.30 p.m.