Grandfather annoyed at swimming lessons change

AN ARBROATH grandfather whose granddaughter has travelled from Dunfermline to take private swimming lessons at the Arbroath Sports Centre pool is annoyed that the arrangement will be terminated on November 1.

Mr George B. Lamont has been informed that the council is to stop the private tuition and begin providing lessons, he believes at a cost of about £15.

He says he will stop bringing his granddaughter to Arbroath and look nearer to Dunfermline for private lessons.

A spokesperson for Angus Council explained: “At present several Angus Council employees conduct private swimming lessons in their own time. These employees pay the council an hourly rental fee for the use of the pool and in turn, charge the swimmers for their lessons. This is a private transaction between the person being taught and the employee and nothing to do with Angus Council.

“This arrangement has raised issues relating to council regulations regarding other paid work by council employees and also use of pool time for private lessons, so as from Tuesday, November 1, all one-to-one swimming lessons will be organised and managed by the council on a scale of charges ranging from £10.70 to £16.10 per lesson, according to the number of lessons booked.

“The new arrangement does not affect normal group swimming lessons.

“For full details of swimming sessions and lessons, visit leisure services on the Angus Council website at or contact any of the council’s swimming pools or leisure centres.”

Mr Lamont still feels it is the council trying to make money from those who can least afford it.