Distribution delayed

DESPITE the extreme weather Angus Council’s budget supplement ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ is gradually being distributed to Angus households.

A council spokesperson said: “We had hoped to have the budget supplement issued to residents in just one week starting on November 30 but clearly the adverse weather may delay things a little.

“However residents can have a look at the council’s proposals online now, at www.angus.gov.uk/budgetchallenge where they can also complete an online survey about the approach the council is proposing to deliver the £9 million of savings we need to achieve next year.”

Commenting on the proposals to reduce the number of the posts in the council by 10 per cent by 2014 the spokesperson said: “In the discussions that took place with all of our staff and the trade unions earlier in November about the budget, it was made clear that, in the main, the reduction in staffing would be achieved through natural turnover.

“100 of the 500 posts are already vacant and the ongoing reduction in staffing will be carefully managed over the next three years. Staff and trade unions have been advised of this and residents should also be reassured that there will be no sudden changes in the services that people rely on for day to day care and support.”

Residents have until Friday, December 31 to give their feedback to the council, by either completing the short survey attached to the Angus Life budget supplement and returning it using the freepost address given or by submitting feedback online at www.angus.gov.uk/budgetchallenge, where all of the information in the supplement is also available.