Countdown to the referendum

D Day!
D Day!

On Thursday, September 18, the people of Scotland will take arguably the biggest decision in its history as voters decide whether we should break away from the rest of the UK.

Just one question: Should Scotland be an independent country? with a choice of two answers...Yes or No will shape our future and that of future generations.

Everyone aged 16 and over who lives in Scotland gets a direct say on the way forward.

So, starting next week we will speak to a cross-section of local people and first-time voters from local high schools to get their opinions on independence and how they are likely to vote.

The SNP’s Graeme Dey, MSP for Angus South, says: “Independence will allow us access to Scotland’s wealth and ensure the money we, as a nation, generate is spent on our priorities.

“It will allow us to build a fairer society, one based on traditional Scottish values.

“We can more than afford to be independent. For the sake of future generations and the best interests of our children and grandchildren we need to be independent.’’

But Derek Wann, the selected Conservative Party candidate for the UK general election next year, argues: “The decision we take in the referendum will be irreversible, there will be no going back.

“Currently we have the best of both worlds, representatives in Westminster and our own government in Holyrood, why would we want to change this? We have no guarantee on currency, EU membership and at present our borders within the UK are open to cross without restriction, this may not be the same if “YES Campaign” get their wish. I have not heard one convincing story from the YES campaign.”

Compelling arguments from both sides... don’t miss our coverage as we talk to the people who matter in your area.