Council encourages efficient transport

Aberdeenshire Council is encouraged as many people as possible to share car journeys as part of National Liftshare Week recently.

The local authority was once again supporting the UK-wide initiative, which began on Octobetr 6, and hopedto encourage and enable more people to discover the benefits of car sharing.

Thousands of members have signed up to Aberdeenshire Council’s online car sharing project Car Share Aberdeenshire ( which was started in 2006.

Ahead of National Liftshare Week, the council asked commuters to takeanother look at car sharing and the benefits it offers.

Research shows savings up to £1,000 per year can be achieved by car sharing, principally through reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

There are other benefits too, such as reducing the stress of the commute to work and less congestion on our roads. Promoting alternatives to single occupancy car use is a key part of Aberdeenshire Council’s Local Transport Strategy.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure services committee, Councillor Peter Argyle, said: “Car sharing is a very popular and convenient way of reducing the cost of motoring while retaining the flexibility of a private

“Car Share Aberdeenshire is a free, confidential and without obligation scheme which helps you find a lift or someone to share your lift with and I hope people across the area consider signing up to the scheme.”

Committee vice-chair, Councillor Alan S. Buchan, said: “Many people who car share do so some of the time and manage their travel arrangements in a way that suits them.

“It is also worth considering car sharing from Park and Ride sites where possible - making efficient use of the road space available and reducing congestion at peak times is a key part of delivering local, regional and national transport strategies.”

Hundreds of businesses across Aberdeenshire were sent promotional posters to encourage their employees to play their part.

Anyone can register for car sharing for free and without obligation by calling (08700) 111199, or at:

For more information on healthy and sustainable transport choices i, visit