Could salt be sold during extreme weather conditions?

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ARBROATH West and Letham councillor Peter Nield has written to Angus Council’s director of infrastructure service Eric Lowson asking if the local authority can supply, for a fee, salt for treating private drives and pathways during periods of extreme weather.

Mr Nield, who is education convener, explained: “I have had a number of enquiries about salting / gritting during the last spell of bad weather.

“Some residents were not able due to age or health to get their surroundings cleared or salted as they would have liked. My constituents know and accept that private drives, etc., are just that and are not a council responsibility.

“I am writing to you because I was wondering if you could research the possibility of the council selling salt either on a pre-winter prepayment system (by weight) for personal collection as and when needed on the clear understanding that if we were getting low on stock, council priorities would take preference of remaining stock available.”

He continued: “Residents wanted to salt but abilities aside, salt was not available locally for them to do this. Also for pensioners the cost in the shops is quite high and the salt not really of the right quality, usually table salt is used.

“I do not see a risk to the council on this as we could make sure it is at no cost to council or even a small profit, with pre-paid orders submitted prior to us submitting our winter order.

“This could be a collection only service. I would value your thoughts especially as we are encouraging home owners etc to clear the pavements outside their houses and this would be a mutual benefit to both them and council.”

Councillor Nield concluded: “A report to council with all the options and what associated costs may be would be appreciated. Hopefully a lot less than some shops who were charging £5 or £6 a small bag.”