Police warning to cyclists

LOCAL cyclists are being warned to take care on the roads after police say they are receiving frequent reports of inconsiderate, erratic and dangerous cycling.

With some young cyclists not wearing appropriate protective clothing and not fitting lights or reflectors to their bikes, officers say they are putting themselves at risk

And now with the end of British Summer Time, police in Angus are issuing a timely reminder in respect of road safety for cyclists and are urging everyone to take heed.

Inspector Grant Edward, head of the road policing unit in Angus, said: “I am alarmed by the frequency of calls we have had about erratic and inappropriate cycling.

“We have received reports of young people putting themselves at very real risk of serious injury or even death, as a result of their erratic cycling behaviour on the area’s roads network.

“These cyclists are a safety danger not only to themselves, but also to other road users. I urge our young cyclists to take heed of our public safety concerns and ride safely and responsibly.

“By their very nature, cyclists are among the more vulnerable of our road users. During the hours of darkness cyclists should be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment - especially a safety helmet, and their bikes should also be fitted with appropriate lights and reflectors.”

Sections of the Highway Code provide rules and advice about what pedal cyclists should wear, as well as information about the routine maintenance and lighting for their bicycle.

Police advise that light coloured, or fluorescent clothing and accessories, such as belts, arm or ankle bands that help other road users to see you should be worn both in daylight and during the hours of darkness.

They also recommend that regular checks of the tyres, gears and chain should be made to ensure they are in good condition and that lights and reflectors must be kept clean in good working order.