Police warning after vandalism

Arbroath Academy is just one of the buildings to be daubed with graffiti.
Arbroath Academy is just one of the buildings to be daubed with graffiti.

Retailers are being urged to be vigilant when selling aerosol spray paint after several prominent Arbroath buildings have been vandalised.

Between Tuesday and Thursday (November 12 to 14) police say there have been at least four incidents where buildings have been daubed in black spray paint in streets such Marketgate and Academy Lane as well as Arbroath Academy itself.

And with repairs and cleaning now needing to be done, police say local taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

Aerosol spray paint is an age restricted product and, to purchase it, people must be 16 years of age or over.

And now police are advising local retailers to be vigilant and ensure that they are complying with responsible retailing practises by requesting proof of age using driving licence, passport or PASS card, to ensure such products do not get into the hands of minors.

Sergeant Fergus Storrier from community policing, Angus said: “This type of incident is antisocial behaviour, can be unsightly, creates a negative impression of the communities we live in and can raise fear to both residents and visitors alike.

“We would ask the members of the public to assist us by considering whether they have seen anyone in possession of aerosol paints in public places.

“Furthermore, they may recently have seen someone with their hands or clothes covered in black paint.

“If that is the case, or if you have any information, please contact Police Scotland on 101, or speak to your local officers.”