Police launch annual campaign

THE ANNUAL crackdown on festive drink/drug driving was launched on Monday by Tayside Police.

Along with their counterparts in other Scottish force areas, every effort will be made to try and detect drivers who flout the law and then bring them to court at the earliest opportunity.

The police are warning that upon conviction of drink driving, you will receive a monetary fine and lose your driving licence and in some circumstances you can have your car forfeited.

They added that many drivers have in the past, failed to heed their advice and warnings and have experienced at first hand the full and lasting consequences of their own irresponsible actions.  

The introduction of the vehicle forfeiture initiative, serves as a further deterrent to some individuals.

This allows the courts to order the seizure and forfeiture of a drink/drug driver’s vehicle when they have a previous conviction within the last five years for a drink or drug driving related offence or have a pending case of a similar nature.

In addition anyone who is found to be three times or more over the limit may also face the prospect of having their vehicle forfeited.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, head of road policing in Tayside, stated: “Unfortunately too many drivers are still taking the conscious decision to get behind the wheel and drive when they know that they have had too much to drink.

“That could be as little as a single pint of beer or a measure of spirits as each individual is affected differently by alcohol.

“Also it must be recognised that some drivers may take drugs whether illicit, prescribed or over the counter, which may impair their ability to drive.

“Whilst intentional misuse of drugs and driving is inexcusable, some drivers may not be fully aware of the effect that even some ‘over the counter’ common medicines may have on their ability to drive safely.

“The potential dangers to which other road users are exposed, by a minority of irresponsible individuals, is totally unacceptable. The actions of these people demonstrate an utter disregard for the safety of other road users and themselves.

“We continue to receive a significant number of calls from members of the public raising concerns about drivers.

“For example during last year’s festive campaign almost half of the drivers detected for drink or drug driving were as a result of calls from concerned members of the public.

“I would encourage everyone to continue providing this excellent level of support and assist us in ridding the roads of these drink and drug drivers.

“The message is very simple and clear. Do not drink or take drugs and drive. If you are going out, then leave the car at home, nominate a designated driver, use public transport or take a taxi.”

Anyone who wishes to report a drink or drug driver is urged to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222 or in an emergency dial 999.