Police drink/drive campaign success

Speed camera
Speed camera

A total of 72 people put their livelihoods and their lives in jeopardy last week when they made the reckless decision to drink to excess and drive.

Fortunately for them and other road users, they were detected by Police Scotland officers involved in the third week of the Summer Safety Drink Drug Driving Initiative before anyone came to harm.

The number is down from the 80 detected in week two of the campaign, which in turn was lower than the number caught in the first week of the national initiative.

A spokesperson commented: “Any reduction in the number of people on the roads who drink and then drive is encouraging, but it is still all too apparent that some drivers are prepared to flout the law, whatever the risks and penalties.

“They should be aware that Police Scotland will use all means at its disposal to remove them from the roads and put them before the courts.

A 27-year-old man was arrested in Arbroath after failing to stop for officers.

He had been driving dangerously and, when stopped, was found to be almost double the drink drive limit and he had no insurance.

The reduction in drink drivers was not mirrored by those detected for driving whilst unfit to drive due to the effects of either alcohol or drugs.

Week three witnessed a further eight people detected for this and reported to local courts - the same number as in week two of the campaign.

You can contact the police via the office, by dialling 101, or by calling the Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.