Playpark branded an “embarrassment”

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An Arbroath father has highlighted areas of an Angus Council playpark which he claims pose a health and safety risk to children.

David Wallace contacted the Arbroath Herald after taking his son to the West Links playpark last week.

He said: “I am extremely concerned from a health & safety standpoint with regard to some of the equipment and the complete disrepair of others.”

Mr Wallace also included photographs of the damaged equipment, one of which appears to show an exposed edge of sharp metal on a support post.

There are other issues as well with the West Links according to Mr Wallace. He said: “Other things noticed were a broken trampoline, which has been like that for a while; the concrete ornamental items are also broken and the whole place has a distinctive air of filth or lack of maintenance.

“This is now an embarrassment for the town in my opinion but more so a danger to our children.

“I sincerely hope it does not take an injury for some action to be taken as I know that people have been reporting stuff to no avail.”

According to Mr Wallace he has since been contacted by the council to explain that repairs are coming, parts have been ordered for the posts and that the smell is due to sea weed caught in the rock armour and heated by the sun.

Angus Council had been asked to comment on the situation at the West Links playpark but had not responded by the time we went to press.