Plans in place for future of Keptie Pond

ARBROATH councillors have agreed that money should be spent on Keptie Pond to bring life back to this attractive area of the town.

It follows criticism on perceived lack of action by the local authority to deal with unsightly algae growth in the water over the last few years.

A cross-party meeting was held in the Access Office - the former Old Parish Church building in Kirk Square - last Wednesday which was attended by all Arbroath representatives.

Councillor Peter Nield, a member of the ruling Angus Alliance, said that a test bore hole will be sunk, water will be pumped to the pond and a constant flow of water will be established.

He continued: “Plans for an aeration system via a fountain will be installed to remove the conditions which caused this year’s unsightly algae growth.”

And Councillor David Fairweather was similarly delighted with the outcome of the meeting. He commented: “These measures are expected to cure the problems at Keptie Pond but it will take some while for the water conditions to change.

“It may be that we still get algae growth this year and possibly next but once we have established and monitored the chemical content after the improvements we will be better placed to implement stage two - chemical treatment if it is required.”

Councillor Nield concluded: “This is part of Angus Council’s commitment to improving Arbroath. We recognise more needs to be done and measures are also in hand to improve the dog fouling and litter problems.”

He revealed that a report will be presented to committee soon.

Arbroath East and Lunan Independent councillor Bob Spink said it seemed a long time since he first raised the subject of algae on Keptie Pond. He is pleased to see an agreement struck that work will commence soon to hopefully solve the problem.

He continued: “It will take some time as we must monitor progress through water quality testing over a period, probably a year, but the plan is now in place and the funding agreed so stage one of the process will commence soon with test bores for water.”

Councillor Donald Morrison commented: “I would like to thank the council officials who have worked hard in drawing up the plans for the Keptie Pond, which given time will hopefully reduce the algae problem in future summers.”