Plans for town’s future revealed

TARGETS to improve Arbroath over the next two years have been announced by the local community planning partnership.

They have created a local community plan for 2011-2013 which highlights the key aspects in the Arbroath East and Lunan and Arbroath West and Letham wards that are in need of redevelopment. The partnership is also seeking leader funding in order to identify priorities in rural communities surrounding the town.

The action plan sets out to continue to support groups within the Year of the Light Steering Committee and also the implementation of the tenant and community participation strategy, which will allow tenants in the Residents of Cliffburn and Hayshead, Bruce Road Community Flat and Timmergreens Action Group, among others, to be involved and active in decision making for their area and Angus as a whole.

It is hoped that a plan aimed to encourage Arbroath’s tourism and economy will be completed by 2013 and a strategy will be developed to attract hotel providers to the town. Next year a traffic management review will look at arrangements for improving Arbroath town centre, and ways of making more use of town and community halls will be looked into. Opportunities for the redevelopment of Arbroath West Links are also being investigated. The area is awaiting construction of a playpark costing £500,000.

Eleven new family houses at Harry Farmer Close, and eight flats and six cottages in Noran Avenue are expected to be built before 2012, whilst new insulation will be installed to flats at Millgate Loan and Stoneycroft Lane, and the residents of 13,000 homes will be offered advice and subsidised insulation.

A strategy has also been put in place to reduce drug abuse and drug dealing, with an aim to reduce the fear of crime for communities, especially surrounding alcohol related disorder.

Alternatives to drinking culture such as sport, leisure, arts, cultural and youth work activities will be promoted with an aim to reduce the effects of binge drinking.

Support will be given to youth work activities, which could benefit the community as a whole.

Increased awareness of domestic abuse will be promoted in 2012 with anti-social issues such as dog fouling, littering and flytipping being dealt with by community wardens, and enforcement measures will be taken where necessary.

Road causalities are hoped to be reduced as police will work on specific road safety issues.

It is hoped that the majority of improvements will have been made by March 2013.