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An Arbroath man’s life story has become an e-book hit after selling more than 3,000 copies in the Kindle store in just over one week.

Billy ‘Mad Dog’ McLeod was inspired to write his story after friends and family told him his experiences of working on oil rigs and being part of the Tartan Army would be a good read.

In August, Billy was diagnosed with terminal cancer and it was then that family and friends rallied around to try and get his book, ‘The Ballad of Mad Dog McLeod’ published for Kindle.

Since going on sale just last week, he has racked up over 3,000 sales, with all the proceeds of the book being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

And with the book enjoying so much success already, there are hopes it could be released in paperback too.

Billy told the Herald: “I started to write down all my stories and then I was told I had cancer and they can’t fix it.

“It is mainly about my time with the Tartan Army following Scotland around the world as well as about when I worked on oil rigs and other stories from when I was younger.

“And hopefully now we can get it published in paperback.”

On the Amazon Kindle site, the book has been given a five star rating, where it is described as a “a riotous series of highs and lows that has Mad Dog rampaging around the North Sea, enjoying less than harmonious relationships with the police, and invading the Vatican.

“Mad Dog’s Ballad stands as a wholly authentic, and therefore important, insight into the culture of The Tartan Army.”

Billy added: “I have been all the way across the world following Scotland and I keep in touch with nearly everybody I have met over the years.

“One trip that sticks in my mind is when we went to Italy for the World Cup and we all ended up at the Vatican visiting Bonnie Prince Charlie’s grave.

“I also enjoyed Estonia but Moscow was one of the strangest places we went to.

“The other people in the Tartan Army started calling me Mad Dog and it’s just stuck, everybody calls me it, even my grandkids call me Grandad Dog!

“I have had a good life.”

The book ‘The Ballad of Mad Dog McLeod’ is now available on the Amazon Kindle store.